Artist Statement


I view my artistic practice as a means to express extreme emotional conditions, channeled for the most part through painting and drawing.

My paintings are constructed as pieces of information, architectural fragments that I collect from various media: television, film, newspapers, comic books, etc. I create paintings in an effort to create a new world. I connect these fragments in a hopeless effort to create a narrative that makes sense, with a beginning, middle and end.

The imagery in my work is expressive, restless and full of movement. It depicts scenes of destruction, devastation and abandonment alongside redemption, revolt and armed social uprising, seeking to change the current situation. These two central themes- of decadence and destruction of the ruling order on the one hand and uncompromisingly hopeful armed revolt, on the other hand, infuse my work with contradictions such as death and life, conception and ambiguity, hope and despair, grave seriousness and wild humor, fact and fiction.

Contours and saturated color fields fuse together with realistic spaces and create a new, distant, unfamiliar painterly dimension, isolated like the countless images from the media and internet that collapse into themselves and mix together into one imaginary collage.

Often my works engage iconic characters such as super-heroes and political figures. Visually they are portrayed as familiar characters but many times, they are shown as captives, useless, decadent and ridiculous figures with no ability to save or triumph over such badly deteriorating and alienating social circumstances. 

I live and work in Tel Aviv, a fact that deeply influences my artistic approach, as well as the themes which I deal with in my work. My work employs everyday surfaces such as cardboard, fabric and readymade objects, which I find in my near surroundings. Similarly, many news- stories such as demonstrations and social revolts in Israel and the world, find their way into my paintings.  It may be said that my work is influenced by the neo-expressionist movement and from architectural styles dating back from the 1920’s.