live and work in Tel Aviv.

This, amongst other factors, influences my attitude towards painting.
For me, painting is a tool to express a state of mind, conveyed through elements of drawing and

surfaces of colour, which enclose and release the two-dimensional space creating the illusion
of a new space, distant, from elsewhere, detached, dispersed and bewildered to the extent
of urban decadence, characterized by the collapse of many images into an imaginary collage.
Painting, as an exhausted metaphor, saturated by the desire for a narrative anchor to market it,
surrenders and collapses within a space barraged by techniques.

My works of art deal with contemporary issues, but are also influenced by the traditions
of Modernist Painting.In my art, I attempt to examine the space of the painting activity as
a cross-section 
of a particular social, economic and artistic condition, striving for the act of painting
to furtherexpand through the eyes of the spectator.

Translated: Mariana Lantzet